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Product Related

  • Why Do I need PC Cleaner
  • PC Cleaner is all in one utility that helps you keep your computer clean and secure.

    Pc cleaner can help you clean, maintain and optimize your computer, while helping you solve PC issues.

  • How do I remove Annoying PopUps with PC Cleaner?
  • PopUps on bottom right hand side are called Push Notifications.

    You can get rid of them by scanning your PC with PC Cleaner and then selecting fix issues.

    This will get you rid of push notifications from sites considered unsafe, however if you want to prevent push notifications from trusted sites click on ToolBox and select Manage PopUps Notifications, this will open a box with list of sites sending you notifications. select Blok next to site you want to prevent push notifications from.

  • What are Privacy Traces and why shall I bother?
  • Privacy Traces are cookies that websites set to track you across the web. Websites use these cookies to profile your activity so they can target ads and much more.

    Although not all websites tracking you is bad, however if you have a privacy issues from untrusted sources or cookies from untrusted sources surely you wont like to have your personal internet activity tracked by them.

    PC Cleaner will find these privacy traces or issues and help you get rid of it.


  • How can I cancel an order?
  • You can cancel your order by writing us an email at [email protected]

    We provide 30 Days 100% moneyback guarantee with no questions asked.

  • How can I place an order?
  • We accept Master, Visa, AMEX, discover and PayPal as mode of payment. All payment information is secured using 128 Bit encryption and is handled by Paddle our merchant of record.

  • How many devices is my license valid for?
  • You can use PC Cleaner on upto 5 devices


  • How can I activate my software?
  • Activating software is very easy process, all you have to do is copy and paste the license key in license key box of the software to activate it.

    To get to license key box if not open already follow these simple steps:

    1. Click on help icon (?) on top right of software
    2. From dropdown select register
    3. Copy and paste the license key in the box

  • Do you provide support for the software?
  • Yes, off-course!

    All our products are backed up with 24/7 free product support. Just drop us an email and we generally respond quickly.